Guitar String Wire Burners

Here is an old trick. I don’t remember who I learned it from. If you use Acoustic Guitar Wire Burners to friction burn lines with the lathe running they work better than Piano Wire.

The Piano Wire burners sold by “KC Wire Burners” and others are a single strand of piano wire. Acoustic Guitar Wire is a single strand of wire wrapped by a second strand of wire. See close up photo of acoustic guitar wire. The wound wire creates a lot more friction. Thus you can burn a line faster and easier.

I have never seen Guitar String Wire Burners for sale. You have to make your own.
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3M Roloc Bristle Disc

I am now using “3M ROLOC Bristle Discs” to clean up my carvings on almost FLAT things. See above photo.

The ROLOC discs are a lot tougher than “3M Radial Bristle Discs” or “Sanding Wheel Brushes” from McMaster-Carr. You can really go at it and scrub a piece with a Roloc disc.

The Roloc discs work best on almost flat things or on the outside of bowls or hollow forms.
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Martel 4 Way Caliper

I have noticed that has been advertising a lot lately. I am not impressed with their products. They are to expensive and the calipers are only single ended (rather than double ended).

If I was going to pay big bucks for a caliper than I would get a “Andre Martel Medium Caliper” from Woodworkers Emporium in Las Vegas. I have one. It was expensive and worth every penny.

The UNIQUE shape of the Martel calipers makes them REALLY useful for measuring the dept of things (plates, bowls and hollow forms) while they are STILL IN THE CHUCK. i.e. I don’t want to go thru the bottom. How much wood do I have left to play with? See pictures below.

The Marten calipers are DESIGNED to work while things are still in a chuck. See photos below. The calibers fit between the jaws on a 4 jaw scroll chuck.
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Narrow & Parting Tools in General

Ashley Iles 4.5mm 3/16

I would like to point out there are better alternatives to the standard narrow woodturning parting tools generally available in the US.

The “4.5mm 3/16″ Fluted Parting Tool” made by “Ashley Iles” in the UK is the best narrow parting tool in my not so humble opinion. It is fluted. Thus it has two sharp points on the front that slice the wood a lot cleaner than the blunt point on the standard narrow partings tools available in the US.
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